Hushmail –


Hushmail is an online mail service founded back in 1999 that allows you to send and receive encrypted emails. You can compose and send an email just like you would normally on an email service, but Hushmail lets you add a password to your emails, which are required in order to see the contents of the email.

Hushmail is a secure solution for all of those that are looking to encrypt and secure their emails. Hushmail prioritizes security over other things and it is the main feature that separates it from other mailing services.

When you’re trying to send emails from Hushmail to Hushmail then the emails will be encrypted automatically and if you’re sending an email to non-Hushmail user then the user will see that email on a secure, encrypted webpage. When receiving an email from Hushmail user, then you will have to enter the password to proceed. As for non-Hushmail users, then the email will be displayed on a secure webpage, in order to make the whole process secure.

What is Hushmail Premium?

Hushmail allows to upgrade to premium service that comes at the price of $49.98/year and provides you extra features that includes:

  • Two-step verification
  • Unlimited email aliases
  • Reliable spam filters
  • App for iPhone