Mailfence –


Mailfence is a private, secure email provider launched in 2013 in Belgium that is designed to help people keep their privacy and freedom over the internet. Mailfence provides its users with end-to-end encryption email that help the users to protect privacy when contacting someone over the internet. Users get complete and total anonymity with Mailfence, and their emails and the content in them is safe from prying eyes.

Mailfence also has the feature of Digital Signatures that lets the receiver know that it is you that is sending the email and not someone else. Your digital signature on the email makes it easier for the recipient to find out that the mail has been sent by you only. There is no way of faking the sender address, which minimizes spam.

Along with email, Mailfence also has private Messages, Calendars, Documents, and Contact Groups to offer to its users and all of these will remain secure on Mailfence servers.

Mailfence being located in Belgium is safe from the Five-Eyes Jurisdiction and Belgian Privacy Protection laws are strong, meaning that your content will remain safe and secure unless there is a court order, which rarely happens. So, your emails and all the content in them will remain secure.

Mailfence Pricing

Mailfence has different plans to offer, starting from free and up to Business, which allows you to create plans according to your needs. Free plan although has fewer features and storage than the paid ones, but the security of your email and its contents remain the same in all the plans. Different plans of Mailfence are:

Free: Free

Entry: €2.50/month

Pro: €7.50/month

Business: Contact Mailfence for pricings according to your needs

All of these plans have different features according to their price, but the basics are the same for each plan, you get the same safe and secure email service on any one of these plans.